This place is fantastic.  I had a few months to get in shape for my destination wedding and with the help of Gigi, Stephanie and Caitlyn I was able to achieve my goals.  The private sessions were extremely helpful in building my strength and I could go at my own pace. The group classes are small so you still get individual attention. Go Girls!

-Victoria S.


“I’ve noticed since I’ve been doing Pilates, my breasts have gotten perkier!”

-Mary Edith B., Writer


“After working with the excellent teachers at Body Arts Pilates for the last 2 years, I have not only achieved more strength and alignment, but my body looks longer, leaner and more toned, which, for an on-camera actor, is a necessity!”

-Terryn Westbrook, Actor


As is was pointed out to me by one of my instructors, Body Arts Pilates owns my body.  I came to them two years ago with bad feet, poor shoulders, evil posture and big hips.


At the time I was also undergoing chemotherapy for breast cancer.  Instead of feeling sorry for me (or letting me feel sorry for myself), Gigi (and subsequently Stephanie) poured it on.  I was on a whirlwind of reformer, mat, tower and the dreaded chair.  Over the grueling months of my first year I saw a vast improvement in my posture and feet along with a co-ordination ability that I was sure I didn’t have.  Semi-circling and airplaning into my second year I finally was able to get my shoulders down my back and my hips in line with the rest of me.  No doubt my shoulder improvement shows up somewhere on their top ten list of things they never thought would happen.


Pilates has done wonders for me and I could not be more grateful to Gigi and Stephanie for sticking with me (and sticking in to me) over these last two years.  I am so lucky that of all the Pilates places available in my neighborhood that I was fortunate enough to find Body Arts.  Great thanks for everything . . . now if we could do something about my butt!!

-Rhonda B.


I’ve done Pilates at so many studios around town and never felt so well-educated in technique and philosophy than at Body Arts Pilates.  The trainers are dedicated, passionate about fitness and overall well-being.


Better understanding translates into commitment, which means results.  Since working out at Body Arts Pilates I feel more connected to my body and that makes me embrace challenging workouts and a desire to be healthy in all aspects of life.

-Laura P.


I choose Pilates because it teaches me how to move better and heal my injuries.  It allows me to improve my other sportive practices and leaves me with a sense of accomplishment.  At the end of my workouts I feel less stiff, my body hums like it does after a massage and I feel more confident about my ability to dance, swim and move better in my body.  I never go into a dance class without doing a mat workout.  And I often do a little Pilates after my classes to center myself.

- Gigi Q.

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