The Pilates Method:

Pilates, originally called Contrology and created by Joe Pilates, is a method of exercise in which a set series of exercises –performed on the mat or studio equipment: Reformer, Cadillac, Electric Chair, Wunda Chair, Pedipole and Barrels – are strung together to create a total body workout.  You begin with a breathing exercise to get the lungs involved and blood circulating, and then move to forward bends opening the upper back, then hip lifts opening the lower back and then leg circles, getting the legs coordinating with the core, and when the body warms up, spine twists which brings us back to breath.  By the end of the workout the whole body has been worked out and expanded by our own internal organs and breath and one is left feeling taller and lighter.

The exercises teach people to engage core muscles and to have correct posture.  The primary foci are the very deepest abdominal muscles called the transverse abdominals, the hamstrings, the latisimus and breath.

To help facilitate stuck and weak body parts, Pilates also invented the foot corrector, magic circle, and toe corrector.  He also created neck strengthening gadgets and a breathing apparatus, all in support of creating whole body health.

 Your First Session:

Wear comfortable workout clothes. Pilates is done with clean bare feet or with socks.  In the beginning Pilates is very subtle. It is as much a mind workout as a physical workout.  You will be learning how to move your body with control, engaging muscles you may not have known existed in your body.  As you master those movements, Pilates becomes a cardiovascular practice.

At the end of your first lesson you will notice that your body will feel lighter and lifted.  Sometimes people feel more energized, sometimes more tired and usually people sleep better that very night.

Within 10 lessons you will have a new understanding of your body and posture.  Physically you will look and feel better. Energetically you will find balance within your body on many levels.


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