I could go on for hours about how wonderful Pilates has been for me – I have been practicing Pilates for over 10 years.  It is not my only exercise choice, but it is the only essential exercise I do.  I cannot dance or swim without doing Pilates and when I am doing any other exercise I am always using The Pilates Method to do it.

And when I say The Pilates Method, I mean the original Method that Joe Pilates designed, with particular focus on alignment, breath, flow, and focus.  It is a mind-body exercise system where one continues to deepen their understanding of how their body moves and to deepen and add more exercises into their practice as they advance. It is a regimen in which the discipline and focus also deepen.

It has taken years to assemble the group of fantastic teachers that I have at the studio – all of whom are committed to learning the work that Joe Pilates created, all of whom practice the work in their bodies and continue to be students of the work.  All of us are also certified by Romana Kryzanowska or her Master teachers, which means we have spent at least 1000 hours: training our eyes to see alignment, observing other teachers teach and learning how to best teach exercises, learning to add in or omit exercises, learning flow, touch, spotting, and cueing.

Our love of The Method and our dedication to the practice makes us a very special studio.  All of the teachers are aligned, and while we may have different personalities, we all teach and continue to study the same Pilates Method.

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