Gigi Houghton Quan

Gigi began teaching Pilates in 1996.  An avid student of the traditional method, she has 3 certifications in Pilates and gratefully continues her tutelage under Jay Grimes, Karen Frischmann, Cynthia Lochard, Dorothee VandeWalle, Siri Dharma Galliano, and Trish Garland.  In addition to her Pilates experience she has 20 years of ballet training, middle distance racing, yoga training, and Pregnancy studies and experience.  In 2003, after many years of working for physical therapists, Gigi decided to open Body Arts Pilates.  Her enthusiasm and belief in holistic healing has led her to New York, Seattle, Thailand and India to study Thai Body Therapy, Shadow Yoga, therapeutic massage and Pilates.  Her deep conviction that perfect health comes from a healthy moving body inspires her to continue her study of bodies in motion.



Trained and certified by renowned Pilates experts Romana Krysanowka and Sari Pace, Grete has successfully taught the Pilates Method since 1997.  From coast to coast, Grete has trained women, men, and children from all walks of life.  Her client list also includes professional and aspiring dancers, singers, athletes, and celebrities (Grete has even been featured in Fitness magazine for her work with country and rock stars). All her clients (and students) have benefited form her resourcefulness, knowledge and skill to guide them toward optimum fitness through the Pilates Method.

Grete is an experienced dance performer, teacher and choreographer, who began her dance training in Los Angeles and subsequently studied, performed and taught in San Francisco, New York, Chicago and Nashville. In 1996 she established the Epiphany Dance Company in Nashville, Tennessee, where she served as its executive and artistic director until 2003. In 2008 she earned an MA in Theology and the Arts from Fuller Seminary.

Since her return to California in 2003 Grete has taught Pilates at Michael Levy Workout, Hailey Paton Pilates and Physical Therapy, Zoë – A Pilates Studio, and has developed a private clientele of her own.  Additionally, Grete teaches dance at The Wooden Floor, St Bede Academy, and guest lectures and choreographs nationwide.



Lindsay has practiced Pilates for much of her life. Her ballet career got her involved in Pilates by the time she was 10 years old. Before undergoing two ankle surgeries, Lindsay studied and danced with Nashville Ballet, Houston Ballet, Atlanta Ballet, Ballet South, and Burklyn Ballet Theatre, all of whom required Pilates as part of her professional training.


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