Feet are so interesting. While Pilates focuses on our lifting our bodies up out of our ankles and on our using the “powerhouse”, – the area from above our knees up
to our shoulder blades – it still teaches us about the feet. The first exercise on the reformer is called footwork. We place our toes, arches and heels on the bar
to work the reflexology points on the feet and to strengthen, stretch and align our feet in relation to our body. Learning to balance our bodies over the balls of
our feet and press our heels down, helps our spine be light, buoyant and supple and it helps us find perfect posture.

Joe Pilates also invented the foot corrector, 2 x 4 and toe corrector plus towel exercises to help improve the mobility and strength of our feet. Having healthy
feet is integral to having healthy hips and a healthy spine. It is necessary to stretch and open the ankles, toes and feet and continually do so in order to keep
your body moving freely.